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Chiara talks about the evolution of her signature style of painting. This journey influenced her dress sense, whilst finding herself through it all.

"For me colour is everything"

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Full interview below.


Chiara Celini

Chiara talks about mastering technique and overcoming personal Challenges.


Chiara talks about being rejected from art school and how this setback didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. With the encouragement of her HND lecturers, she was reminded to work hard and keep focused on developing her painting style while also taking a leap into working freelance.

“A lot of the time, my pieces would start with a colour before I even think of the composition, or what’s going on around the character or anything.”

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“I just find colours make me very happy and it’s like a form of escape for me. In times where I’ve struggled with something, I know that I can create a bright happy place through my own work.”


Chiara discusses the struggles she faced developing an eating disorder whilst in high school and how that impacted her outlook in life when it came to having hope again. She says ultimately, she feels that there was a silver lining through all the experiences. She details how this led her to express her self and connect with people through her art because stories are what connects people.


“My little phrases alongside my work captures the people, places and the stories of our planet because that is what inspires me. Genuinely, the people that I’ve seen is what inspires me.”

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