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Closet Organisation

Closet Organisation in detail.

Struggling to find what to wear? Can’t seem to put outfits together or organise your wardrobe and shoes? Well you've come to

the right place! My job will be to firstly have a free virtual consultation to get to know you in order to help reorganise your

space in a way that's best fitted for your lifestyle. This will bring some structure to your space and make getting ready less


  • Minimum booking duration in total is 3 hours including research time for each client.

  •  Free 30-minute consultation.


  • Body shape, colour and style analysis.


  • In this session I will help you declutter your wardrobe, and help you create outfits with the clothes you have.


  • I will advise you with the best way to store items back to your wardrobe or donate items that won’t make the cut.

 Additional charge will apply for any extended time above package 

Small closet : £165 (£66 per hour)

Large/Walk-in closet : £170 (£72 per hour)

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