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"Modelling is not just about private jets, expensive drinks and food; it's about running to catch the bus, you know. It's harder than it looks."

"Don't ever compare yourself to someone else's body. You are you." 

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Photographed by : Donna Mcgowan


Full interview below.

Sam Cook

Sam Cook, discusses the excitement and challenges of starting out in the competitive world of modelling . He shares his aspirations and what he envisions for the future of the industry.


In the ever-fascinating world of fashion, where beauty reigns supreme, models embody the very essence of this industry's allure. With an elegant poise, gracing the glossy pages of magazines and command runways with magnetic charm. However, beneath the spotlight, a narrative often remains concealed. Today, we embark on an exploration of the life and experiences of male model Sam Cook, who carves his path with grace and resilience through the dynamic world of modelling.

"I was told to start modelling by my stepmom, and we decided to send some photos to Colours Agency. We had a meeting; they were all so lovely, and I signed some papers, and I started working," Sam shares, reminiscing about the beginnings of his modelling career. It's a story of serendipity, where talent meets opportunity, creating the foundation for Sam's career.


For those on the outside looking in, the modelling industry may seem like a world of effortless beauty. However, as Sam points out, "the modelling industry can sometimes eat somebody up. You're constantly competing with people; you need to look great all the time. In today's day and age, you get told you don't have to look a certain way and that you're beautiful no matter what. But we know, as models, it's not the case in our job. You have to look aesthetically brilliant, so it's a hard thing to do—separating your ego from your work."


When it comes to personal style, Sam's grounded nature shines through. "I would say jeans and a jumper. I like to be comfortable; you can look good in jeans and a jumper," he reveal. It's a reminder that sometimes, simplicity can be the epitome of elegance.


Dreams are the guiding stars of every journey. "When I started modelling, I wanted to work with Tommy Hilfiger," Sam mentions, underscoring the power of aspirations. Pursuing dreams can often be the fuel that keeps us going.
Reflecting on his journey, Sam recalls, "Working with Armani was a lot of fun, and it helps when you work with a team with great energy." Collaborations and the connections made in the fashion industry are vital, reminding us that success is often a team effort.


Amid the dazzling world of fashion, even the most elite models have their relatable moments. "A big fat pizza, just whatever the cheesiest thing ever," Sam confesses, reminding us that indulgence is a universal pleasure.


However, it's not all glitz and glamour. Sam offers sage advice to aspiring models, saying, "Don't ever compare yourself to someone else's body. You are you." In an industry where comparison is almost inevitable, these words resonate as a powerful reminder of self-acceptance.

For Sam, the journey hasn't always been a smooth one. "During my trip to Tokyo, I was supposed to stay 2 months but ended up being 4, which, by the 3rd month, I started to get homesick. I also struggled with the cultural differences; I felt like I had no real friends, although I met some lovely people, but I still felt lost.


" The global nature of the industry can be both exhilarating and challenging, and Sam's experience in Tokyo reflects the sacrifices that come with success.


And while we often envision the glamorous side of modelling, Sam's story reminds us of the flip side. "After my first show in London, I was super stoked. They had a free bars and everything, amazing people, beautiful people all around me, and I was living this really high life for about three hours. Then the party finished, and it was 3 am in London, and I had to run to catch my last bus home. It took me like an hour and a half to get home, so it was a real kind of rags to riches moment. It made me realise modelling is not just about private jets and expensive drinks and food; it's about running to catch the bus, you know. It's harder than it looks."


Indeed, it's a journey of highs and lows, and, as Sam puts it, "I think my trip to Japan was really eye-opening. It showed me what I can do with the work, it showed me the opportunities that will come my way. 

It changed my life completely." Sam's journey is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in the ever-evolving world of fashion.


For those looking to follow in Sam's footsteps, the advice is clear, “Put in the work, figure out what you want, once you find that out, stick with it." It's a reminder that success in the modelling industry, like any other, requires dedication, perseverance, and a true sense of self.

As we conclude our conversation with Sam Cook, it's evident that his journey is one of contrasts, filled with lessons and experiences that have shaped them into the remarkable model he is today. 


The world of fashion is more than just glitz and glamour; it's a world where dreams take flight, hard work propels success, and individuality shines brightly.


Sam Cook's story is a testament and a reminder that the path to success is marked by both glittering triumphs and gritty challenges.

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