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Chiara Celini

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Stan San

Stan Talks About His Basketball Journey & How He Became Viral On TikTok & Instagram


Stan Grew up in France and moved to Scotland during the pandemic and is now living in Edinburgh.
Stan expresses that he loves the cultural contrast between France and Scotland. He believes having the two different cultural point of views makes him more mature. He often misses France but tries to go as often as he can.

On his first training he didn’t score one basket for two hours. After a few practices everything changed, “It takes practice. Every time you step onto the court, you enjoy it. It’s nice because if you put in the work, you become better as an athlete. There’s no better feeling than seeing yourself becoming better each time”.


During our conversation on how to maintain a good diet as an athlete, Stan says that he likes to include more protein while also eating a healthy amount of carbs without excessing it as he believes you need a good amount of sugar in your system. It’s all about having a good healthy balance. “If I want to eat, I eat. You’ve got to fuel the body.”

The basketball scene in Scotland is upcoming says Stan. “It’s not as big as the US, England or France but there’s a lot of great upcoming talent in all of Scotland and I think in the future it will be respected.”


Stan’s favourite thing to eat growing up was an éclair au chocolate.

Stan also talks about becoming an internet sensation. He explains that it didn’t happen overnight; what started as “annoying his friends about basketball talk” led to him taking it up on himself to document it on TikTok. This reached thousands of people interested in watching him play while simultaneously giving out tips and tricks. His consistency on his craft and passion garnered him a large audience.


As his account and followers grew, numerous famous basketball players and athletes shared his work. His favourite highlight was being reposted by the account ‘Overtime’, which he says made him extremely excited due to the huge influence the brand had to his basketball community. The repost alone made him realise what he was doing was serious business.

“My Goal is to one day be financially free & to inspire people”

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