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Tips To Prevent Dark Under Eyes

By Rita Mataruka

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Preventing dark under eyes can feel like an impossible task at times. Finding the perfect treatment for you is often exhausting: browsing through the aisles of exotic sounding eye creams with no idea what the words on the back of the container actually mean. 


When approaching this dilemma, home remedies are a common go-to for those on a budget. Cucumbers and cold tea bags placed on the eye are often the most popular examples recommended by beauty gurus and seen in the media (think Mia in Princess Diaries!) for their depuffing effects. And whilst this in combination with a restful night’s sleep and SPF can help reduce the appearance of your dark circles, the effect is usually only temporary. 


Something to bear in mind when purchasing the perfect product according to Boots UK is to always look for the ingredients ‘retinoids, vitamin C, kojic acid, liquorice root extract, niacinamide and azelaic acid’ when purchasing eye products. 


Finding the right eye cream for you is already so challenging, but even more so for Skin of Colour. A product I have personally invested in is the Caffeine Eye Cream by The Inkey List. Just a couple of dabs of the product every morning and every night on my eye bags have done the trick for me and hopefully can do the same for you!

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