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Top 4 European Destinations

By Simi Kaur Gill

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I can honestly say that after travelling around Europe for the past few years, that these are the most underrated places to visit:


  1. Austria 

When I first visited Austria, it was in the heat of August 2022. It was so beautiful and uplifting that I went back a second time in winter. It’s the perfect destination all year round and it has something for everyone. Vienna as a city has some of the best restaurants and events: Salzburg has the best architecture and historical sites, Hallstatt has an old European town vibe with stunning views, mountains and hikes that will leave you feeling like a new person. Innsbruck has a perfect mix of mountains and small town vibes. 

 2. Italy

Italy has some astounding cities. There is a place for everyone. If you are into lakes, hiking and beautiful natural landscapes then Lake Como and Lake Garda will take your breath away. If you are looking for more of a city break, then Milan is the one for you. On the other hand, if you are seeking a romantic getaway then Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona and Palermo (Sicily) are perfect destinations to roam and reminisce about the history and holy sites of Italy. Recently, of course, the most populous destination this past year is the Amalfi coast, which has a blend of everything, from the sun, sea and sand to the boat tours to dining at the most serene spots in the South of Italy. 

 3. Portugal

Porto is for those who love port cities and mini day trips out to other destinations close by. The city is rich in history. Every building has a story. These destinations are timeless. I would say that Portugal is the new vacation spot for those who want a holiday similar to that of Greece or Croatia, but on a budget. Lisbon is a buzzing city with a lot of hills and ancient historical buildings. Madeira, Faro and Albufeira are beach destinations for those who want to relax and see white sand beaches with crystal clear skies. Some of the towns in Faro and Albufeira are also quiet during off season so visiting in Spring and Autumn will ensure you miss the rush.

 4. Iceland

A friend and I decided to visit Iceland in May of 2022 and we had the best week travelling across to different places. Home to some of the best shooting locations for Game of Thrones (such as Thingvellir National Park), Iceland did not disappoint. Iceland has the best of everything in Summer or Winter. Because I visited in May, I missed the Northern Lights but I went just in time for the bloom of Spring, and I was able to see the waterfalls, as well as some of the glaciers. The rural parts of Iceland are home to the best spots. There are so many hidden spots such as the Blue Lagoon and the glacier lagoon. If you love being at one with nature, then this is a reason to visit the very best of Mother Earth’s creations in Iceland. 


I guarantee you that these will be the new and upcoming destinations for 2023. 

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