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Places In Glasgow To Eat Good Mexican Food

By Rita Mataruka

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I think it’s highly likely that at some point whilst living in Glasgow you’ve asked a trusted pal the question: “Where’s a good place to get authentic Mexican food?” Glasgow boasts a variety of fun food spots but a good Mexican place is hard to pin point. Nevertheless, here are some true gems that I believe deserve top tier category for tasty Mexican cuisine:


  1. Mezcal - this is such a cool spot! Great food, great vibes and it’s super accessible, snuggled right in the city centre next to Central Station. A really fun place if you’re looking for somewhere to spend your Friday night with pals for some tapas and bevs!

  2. Sacred Tum Tacos - This wee nook in the Southside of Glasgow does exactly what it says on the tin. A tiny, vibrant spot with fresh tacos packing the flavour - what more could you want? And they’ve even got Mexican soda to go with your meal! 

  3. Bibi’s - Surprisingly, not a lot of people know about this place! It’s a super wholesome restaurant in Partick with plates that are served to you still sizzling. The ‘ribeye of beef fajita’ is one of my faves! 

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