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This Article Walnut Disappoint

By Rita Mataruka

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Want to know more about walnuts? Struggling for ideas? Honestly, the same goes for me. Other than the fact that I really enjoy a good sprinkle of them in my morning granola bowl, I know next to nothing. 


But here’s the catch: after doing a little digging on the internet, I realised that most of us are actually missing out on real winner believe it or nut. See what I did there…


So, WebMD states that walnuts provide calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium in just one small serving. In a nutshell, eating walnuts can lower your cholesterol levels whilst simultaneously providing you with polyunsaturated fats (science for less “bad” fat, more “good” fat). 


Healthline also validates the esteemed reputation of walnuts mentioning that their source of Omega-3 fat (“good” fat) makes them particularly effective in combating heart disease. 


That being said, please proceed with caution! These small nuts really pack a punch as they are high in calories, so a measurement of one handful a day is often advised. 


Now that I’ve covered the important stuff, let’s get down to the tastiest part: walnut recipes! 


Some savoury recommendations: 

  • Walnut sauce: This is essentially chopped walnuts, greek-style yogurt, garlic and coriander leaves mixed together with salt and pepper. This is delicious over a salad or can be easily added to a stir fry. 

  • Walnut wellington: you heard it here first folks! The walnuts act as your pastry filling alongside some shallots, stilton, thyme and chard all combined together and fried. A tasty veggie take for sure! 


Some sweet recommendations:  

  • Banana walnut bread: I have personally tried this and definitely can vouch for it! The nuts add a crunchiness to banana bread that I never thought it needed! 

  • Frosted walnuts: This one is for those of you that want something speedy and low-effort. Dissolve sugar into water. Add some walnuts and cook until the sugar crystallises. Voila! Nut bad if you ask me.

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