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By Jerome Katende Kasusula

  • Instagram

Minimalism has become the biggest trend for millennials for a while now, from neutral colours, nude, beige, browns and many more. The rise and demand of minimalism has peaked a whole time high. You can see many influencers on TikTok like the Kardahsians, even your big fashion houses are picking up on it and making it their own. 

The clean girl aesthetic look is booming right now and that's why minimal aesthetics are so popular. Investing in pieces and garments that will last you years from now. From a basic top to a classic trench coat you can mix with different options in your wardrobe. Our huge consumer habits have awakened a lot of people to be more aware of the unnecessary spending behaviour a lot of us have. That is why some people are gravitating towards the minimalist root to not only reduce their excessive spending to help the planet but to also create a more functional wardrobe to reduce clutter. 

Fashion houses have also showcased their version of minimalism to help you get creative on recreating these looks with your own existing wardrobe. We have also selected a few of our favourite looks for you to help you create a more functional and timeless closet, check it out down below.


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