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Stripes & Shorts

By Jerome Katende Kasusula

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Stripes and Men’s short shorts have made a strong comeback on the Men’s Spring summer collections. You really got to see how each individual fashion house interpreted their own visions of Stripes and Short Shorts while keeping true to their house code. 

You may ask yourself how on earth could I style a bold pattern with my everyday clothes, I’m here to tell you it’s very much possible as a matter of fact once you realise how easy it is you’ll never not include it in your wardrobe. 

If you’re a person who’s not into bold statements, I would say start with a basic Breton t-shirt as they have different variations of colours and styles, and make sure to either style the bottom outfit with simple colours and shades such as off-white trousers, beige linen or black trousers. Starting off this way could push you to then explore the different variations that the stripe patterns offer. 

Short shorts are a must have this Spring Summer ‘23. Everyone will be rocking shorts wherever they are. It’s important to have the right selection of shorts to help you stay stylish and on trend this season. Check out how fashion houses have styled shorts on the runway. We have also selected our best pick for you this summer down below.


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