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Shirtless Suits

By Jerome Katende Kasusula

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Shirtless suit trends have made a huge comeback again in the Men’s spring summer ‘23 collection, Big house names such as Dior, Armani, Alexander McQueen and many more have showcased different ways of wearing the suit with different concepts.


When it comes to key pieces, you should invest in a well tailored black suit.  This is a MUST. There's nothing more classic than a wardrobe full of well tailored and oversized suits. Now I’m not telling you to spend all your money only on suits, however, I’m advising you to invest your money on the right classic pieces because once you have those classic pieces you can then style it anyway you want. 


As seen on the runways, fashion houses showcased different variations of how to modernise classic suits; ranging from casual everyday to more dressy day clothes. Check out our selected picks for you down below.


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