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Why Pilates Is Good For You

By Simi Kaur Gill

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Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strength, similar to yoga.


Pilates is great for posture, balance and flexibility. Not to mention that it’s a great way to create mental clarity. The feeling of finishing a pilates class is like no other: it’s a cross between feeling zen and feeling like a warrior.


If you need a de-stressor, or a time out, pilates is perfect for you. 


Many people may feel inclined to give pilates a pass after one or two sessions, but it very much is a case of being patient. Just like any class, there are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Seeing your own progression is the most satisfying feeling, and when you regularly take classes you will feel a lot more motivated to see it through.


It is important to pick the right instructor for you, as building the right routine is vital. I encourage others to try taster sessions at various venues to find a class that suits your abilities.


Pilates is all about strengthening your deep core muscles, which in turn benefits and protects your whole body from injury, particularly your back. You tone all the muscles in your body, including pelvic floor! I also find it's good for stress and anxiety, because you are concentrating on your breathing the whole hour. You leave the class feeling strengthened and relaxed. 


GPs and consultants often recommend those with injuries to take up pilates for recovery. 

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