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Hi there, my name is Jerome here’s a little bit about me, I got into fashion from a very young age, I remember falling in love with the vision of so many incredible designers showcasing their work at fashion week. I never once thought that it will end up being my career, for me fashion allowed me to dream, it allowed me to see how the clothes you wear can help tell a story or reveal who you are. I’ve always been an advocate for self-love and expression, and it starts with learning to love yourself and embracing the whole you. Finding my style took me quite some time even though I loved clothes. I often struggled to dress my size and height. But with a lot of practice, I managed to unlock the perfect antidot that worked best for me and trust me not only that, but it also helped me save money and time. It made me love my body/height and dressing myself. 

A lot of people often think to dress well or feel good in your clothes you must be a fashion expert, that is false. You do not need to be an expert all you need is to 1. love the body you’re in, 2. Understand that looking and feeling good is not only an important part of life but it also helps you present yourself healthily to the world in your authentic self. 

Our job at JKKSPACE is to help guide you in this new chapter of your life as you discover the lifestyle you want to attain and a simpler way of dressing and presenting yourself at any given time.

Style is knowing what suits you, who you are, and what your assets are.  It's accepting it all – Bianca jagger.

Meet the team

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Creative Consultant

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Simi Kaur



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